Products and Services

At 333 Events Place, customer satisfaction does not afford any compromise at our part.

We have a huge space which constitutes of one large hall.  This is available for clients who want to rent it for their events.  We have customized packages (which include catering, decorations and other inclusions) that are also available for different clients with different budgets and requirements.

Provision of decoration and catering exists as a choice to our client whether they choose from our reasonable and good packages or hire/make their own decor, set up and catering.

All added together, you get the entire package for a wonderful time at 333 Events Place, where we plan your events together in a very amiable environment.

Since we opened last December 2015, sever successful business events were also catered by us.  So if you have an eye out for a pleasant, professional set up for your company’s event, we are here to assist you.

A selection of customized packages is available on our website, including catering and decor options under the titles of Birthday, Wedding, and Kiddie party.

Our In-house facilities include:

Aircon & Audio System

Access to our Kitchen

Dressing Room

On-site Power Generator

For catering needs, we offer optional catering packages for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a tour?

Please call us at (045) 4361736.

Am I allowed to hold a date without a deposit?

To guarantee your date, a deposit is required.

How can I secure the date?

In order to secure the space, The 333 Events Place requires a signed contract and a deposit of 50% of the facility fee.

What does my rental fee at 333 Events Place include?

The rental fee includes 4 hour use of the venue (from decided start to end time).  It also includes use of the air conditioning and sound system (with the assistance of a sound engineer).   It also includes planning and coordination of food and beverages, set up and take down of tables and chairs, and a decided rehearsal time.

Does 33 Events Place have on site catering?

Yes, the venue has on site catering and offers a variety of catering packages which is inclusive of the use of the venue and other add-ons.  Kindly click on the “Packages” link found of this site to view the details.

When can I access the facility to decorate and customize on the day of the event?

Under most circumstances, the venue will be available by 1pm the day of the event. If there is not an event the day before, we will allow and encourage early set up. A maintenance crew will be cleaning and setting up prior to prepare for the event that day.

May I decorate my rented space?

Yes. you are welcome to bring in décor. We love to see the creative use of the space. However to protect the integrity of the building, some considerations and restrictions will be enforced.

Is there an in-house P/A system, projector, and screen that the building has for use

The 333 Events Place has basic audio and video equipment to meet your event needs. The center has a surround sound system throughout the entire facility including the restrooms, which allows you to direct your guests as needed. There are some additional costs involved with certain options.


The Management of 333 Events Place is more than happy to welcome and to work with the client’s preferred vendors.